How To Add Meta Tag Description And Keyword To Blogger

Meta tag is one kind of tag which provides information to the search engines about a website and its content. This type of practice helps a website for indexing to search engine and help to get more traffic. Usually Blogger template is not well optimized with keywords and meta tags which does not play important role anymore but to make a website look good you have to optimized it today I will show you how you can add Meta tag Description and Meta tag keywords in your blogger template.

Follow This Step: 

Login to Blogger Dashboard
Go to Template → Backup Template (Before template customization you must create backup)
Then click Edit HTML → press in your keyboard CTRL+F to open search option.
Find this <head>.

Now copy the above meta tags and paste below <head>.
Remove the Red Highlighted with your details.
Now Save your template.

Soon Search Engine will crawl your website and they will add your meta tag description and keywords to the search engine.

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