How to Add a Print it Button to Your Blogger Blog

The default way to print a webpage is by pressing on your keyboard. But, it’s hard for the browsers like Mozilla Firefox which is mostly used browser all over the world.  When you press while using Mozilla Firefox you see a pop up window, unless you have your own printer it’s hard to take a printout because it send the file to ” Send To One Note ” application. From there again you need to work on it. Removing all these rubbbish, today I came forward with an tutorial which I found while surfing on internet.
The tutorial is going to be a simple method that would give a expert look to your blog. The button, Clicking on which, the print window of your browser opens and you shall be able to see the print preview of the webpage there. Adding this button on your blog will help your readers to print content of you blog on a paper or into a PDF file to be stored on your computer. This is highly recommend for the people who run education sites, news articles, stories and much more regarding education and science including news.
The First thing you will be doing is to login into your Blogger Dashboard. Now After logging in, go to your blog >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class=’post-footer’> and just above it paste the following code. Once everything is done, press “Save Template” button to conclude the process.

<div style=”float: left; padding-left: 10px;”>
<a href=”javascript:window.print()” rel=”nofollow”>Print this Article</a></div>

Now to give your button a beautiful touch, you need to customize it with a bit of CSS. You can create any kind of image using any popular photo editing or deigning tool Like Photoshop and can simply apply the modest CSS to make it work. Here is a small example of how you can stylize your print it button.

<div style=”float: left; padding-left: 10px;”>
<a href=”javascript:window.print()” rel=”nofollow”><img src=”” /></a></div>

You have successfully learned how to add print it button in blogger blog. Not only that, but you can also stylize it according to your desire needs. You can also preview your posts to see everything is working in an order or not.

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