How To Backup Your Blogger Blog And Templates

Blogger has some limitations and rules which you should strictly follow otherwise your blogger blog will be deleted and you will lose all of your data and posts and you will be left empty handed. To prevent this from happening you should always follow blogger’s rules and never try to cheat Blogger. Being a blogger user, there is no assurance that your blog is safe from removal, that’s the price of using the platform for free. Since, your site is hosted at Google servers. Therefore, if your site does not comply with their Terms and services they will delete your site without even giving a second chance.  You may have heard from many co-Blogger users that their websites are getting vanished overnight. As a Google blogger, there is no way of retrieving your deleted blog. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to take a backup of your site. In this Article, we will show you how to take backup your Blogger Blog.

Probably this is the price of using this platform for free. Just imagine the feeling of a person who spends days and nights in putting up his website, and suddenly Google removes his site due to some violation in terms. Things cannot get worse than that.

How to Backup your whole Blogger Blog?

To Backup your website go to >> Settings >> Other >> Export your blog. Now a new window will appear, just select the orange “Download Blog” button and a file will be downloaded which would be in “XML” format. That file possesses all the data and details about your blog including posts, images, and pages. The downloaded file can be used on WordPress, or any other popular platform.


How to Backup your Template?
If anyone is wondering how to take backup of their template, then he can go to Blogger >> Template >> Backup/Restore. Now press “Download the full template” button and template is successfully backed up. The downloaded file would be in XML format and it cannot be used on any other platform except Blogger.
Now your blog is successfully backed up. In the future, if your site got deleted, then you can use this backup and can migrate your whole site to WordPress without even losing a single Search engine ranking.

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