Blisk Best Web Browser for Programmer And Developer

Blisk is a new web browser designed specifically for web developers who need multiple tools to test their websites on different platforms. This free Chromium-based web browser comes with many dev-friendly emulations to make web-friendly websites without much hassle.

Web developers have different needs and expectations from a web browser to get their things done. They keep looking for newer tools that suit them best and make their work easier.

Blisk is a free Chromium-based browser that is focused on developers. Currently, it’s available for Windows and the Blisk team promises to release the Linux and OS X version in near future.

The introductory lines of Blisk’s website urge the developers to use it and develop and test website that work fine and look great on all devices.

Coming with tons of dev-friendly features, it allows you to see how your design responds to different pixel ratios, form factors, and resolutions. It comes with the support for a set of most used phones, supporting the emulation of:

  • User agent
  • Screen resolution
  • Device pixel ratio
  • Touch even resolution

Another great feature offered by Blisk is the Scroll Sync functionality that gives you the comfort of simultaneously working on a mobile device and desktop. In simpler words, desktop and mobile emulations follow each other by URL and scroll position.

Other important features of Blisk include the Page Auto refresh as you change its code. Thus, you can open Blisk and your IDE in different screens to focus on development. You also get real-time analytics as Blisk continuously monitors your code quality.

Thanks to its integrations with top project management systems and bug trackers, a developer’s work becomes much easier.


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