How to Block/Unfriend Someone on Facebook Without Them Knowing IT

Got an oversharing Facebook buddy who can’t stop with the food photos, a sullen friend who’s bringing you down with all his depressing updates, or a frenemy who you don’t want peeking at your Facebook photo albums? Well, you could always hit the “unfriend” button, but doing so might seem a bit extreme—and hey, what if they find out? Luckily, there are a few of ways to how to block someone on Facebook without them knowing.

Block / Unfriend Anyone Indirectly

1. Add them to restricted list (Recommended Option)

Follw the below instructions to add any of your Facebook friends to your Restricted list

  1. Go to their User profile
  2. Hover over (Mouse over) Friends at the top of their profile
  3. Click Add to another list
  4. Click Restricted
  5. How to see who is on your Restricted list
  6. Scroll down to Friends to the left of News Feed
  7. Hover over (Mouse over) Friends, then click More
  8. Click Restricted

What happens if you put someone on Restricted list?

  • They cannot see any posts you share with your friends
  • They cannot view any profile information you share with friends
  • They will still be in your friends list but cannot view the information you share with your friends. The posts / information you share with a privacy of “Public” audience can be viewed by Restricted list people.

2. Unfollow them

Alternative option to restricted list is unfollowing them. This option just prevents you from seeing their activities in your News feed.

  1. Click in the top right corner of Facebook (Down Arrow Icon)
  2. Click on News Feed Preferences Option
  3. Select “Unfollow people to hide their posts”
  4. Search for the person in the list and then click on their profile picture to unfollow.
  5. Click Done. That’s all.

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