How to Capture 360 Panorama Photos for Share on Facebook

The iPhone camera makes it easy to capture panorama images. Sharing those panorama photos in full fidelity on Facebook was not possible until now. The social network giant enabled support for 360 panoramas; offering users a fun and interactive way to capture and share beautiful landscapes and cities or even your back yard. Let’s check it out.

Capture and Share Panorama Photos on Facebook

The great thing about the new service is, Facebook takes care of most of the work for you. All you need to do is launch the camera app on your iPhone. Swipe to the Panorama tab then tap the Camera button. Proceed to make a substantial 360 degree turn and follow the arrow until it reaches the opposite end.

Launch the Facebook app then tap the Photos button. You will notice a globe emblem is visible on the panorama photo you just captured. Select it then click Done to upload it.


When your friends see your panorama photo in your Facebook feed, they can experience your memory too.

If you are having trouble sharing your Panorama, make sure the Facebook app is updated.

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