How to Check internet Speed online Without Any Software

As you knew Internet is full of joy and amusement. Almost every one in the earth heard about the Internet or Google. So when it comes internet, Speed and bandwidth matters a lot for both broadband and Mobile networks. Internet Speed is most important aspects when you are download movies and games in large quantity. Here let us see the best online free tools to Check internet speed online. This tools test the download, upload Speeds and ping.

Free online tools to check internet Speed online

1. is the best and most used one among online tools to check internet speed. It selects the fastest server-based on the ping. You can also share the results with your friends.

2. BandWidthplace:

It is a Simple yet powerful tool to Check internet Speed online. It tells your IP address as well as the your ISP. Click here to visit BandWidthplace.

Check internet Speed online with bandwidthplace

3. Speed.Io

It is simple tool among all the tools to Check internet Speed online. It shows much details like date, Quality, Ip, browser.etc Visit the here

4.Test Internet Speed: 

It also the best tools that Tech4You recommend to measuring your Internet Speed. This tool also helps to increase your PC performance by removing all the Virus, spyware and malware. So this is a two in one tools to check internet speed and to improve your Computer performance.

tools to Check internet Speed online with testinternetspeed

5. iSpeedOMeter:

Last But not least, it is another great tool which predicts your internet speed, tells you in the KB/sec format. It also shows you the speed of the Internet in dial-up, ISDN, DSL, ..etc

Free tools to Check internet Speed online


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