How to Convert Video or Audio file Formats on VLC Media Player

How to Convert Video File Formats Using VLC Player

It’s really very simple to convert the format of a video file using VLC media player. First of all, open the VLC player in your PC and navigate to Media > Convert/Save.

Now, in the next popup window, click on Add button and select the video file whose format you’re willing to convert. And after adding that file, click on Convert/Save button.

As you can see in the above screenshot that file is in .wmv format and for just an instance I’m converting it into MP4 format. So, in the next popup window you need to Browse the destination address to save the converted file and also give it a name like converted.mp4 (choose the extension of your desired format).

After this, choose the format in which you want to convert the video file from Profile settings and finally click on Start button.

Convert Video Format Using VLC Player

Once you’ll click on this Start button, it will automatically convert the format of the video file into your chosen format, and the converted file will be saved at the address of the destination file that you chosen by clicking on the Browse button.

VLC converted video format

So, in the above screenshot you can see I just got the converted video file at my selected destination address.


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