How to Convert a Webpage to .PDF without Any Software

Whenever we search for “webpage to .pdf converter“, we are bombarded with lots of paid software and online sites. Many of them work great, but my purpose for converting a webpage into a .pdf file is simply for reading. That means that I want my .pdf file to be in the best readable form, and I want all of the associated hyperlinks to be intact for further reading.

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC
Step 2. Then go to the web page that you want to convert as a PDF.
Steo 3. Now press Ctrl+P on Windows PC or Command+P if you are on a Mac to Open the the Print dialog on Chrome Browser.
Step 4. Now Change the destination to “Save As PDF” and hit the save button.
Step 5. The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document.


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