How to Create Blog/Website for Free

If you want to start a blog and don’t have enough money to start your blog. Here is guide how to start blog for free. Today we will tell you about the platform where you start your blog for free if you don’t have enough money right now.

Following are the best platforms for Beginner

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

These are the two best and easy platforms for beginners in blogging.

Blogger is powered by Google and easy to use for beginners you can create blog on blogger you just required a Gmail account for logging in into Bloggers account and create a blog.

After creating you will be able to customize your blog theme and features. When you create a blog on blogger your blog address is like it is free that’s why URL is like this when you purchase hosting for your blog than blogspot is removed from your blog.

WordPress is also easy platform to start a blog. Easy to customize as compare to blogger a lot of plugins are available all over internet to enhance look of your blog. You have more access to your blog as compare to blogger. Google delete your blog anytime without any notice but WordPress will never delete your blog. This is biggest drawback of Blogger.

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