How To Create Static Pages In Blogger

Features Of A New Page

It is same as new post page in many aspects like editing, and publishing options are same but New page option doesn’t allow you to insert labels and it doesn’t appear on Home page.

How To Create Static Pages In Blogger

  • Log in to your Blogger account.
  • Click on Page Option.
  • Click on New page===> Blank page
  • Write whatever you want into your page.
  • Click on preview if you want to preview it else click on publish and your page will be publically available.
  • After publishing select the best position for page option.


  1. Top tabs: Let you show your pages on the top of the blog.
  2. Side links: Allows you to show your pages in sidebars.
  3. Don’t show: Allows you to not show any page.
  • After choosing the best placement click on Save arrangement.

Everything done and your new page is ready.

Create A Web Page

Second option is to create a web page which allows you to create a page based on your web address. Like if you have another blog and you want to link it to this blog, You can do it by simply following these steps.

  • Click on New Page ===> Web address
  • Insert page title and web address of the page
  • Click on save and your new web page is ready

Draft Option

If you don’t want to publish any page, instead you want to store information so that you can add some other information afterward then you can use REVERT TO DRAFT option. This option allows you to save your information and you can publish it afterward.


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