How to Create Your WordPress Blog in Next 5 Minutes

WordPress is the far better Content Management System (CMS), that what I recommend for the bloggers who thought of step their foot in the Blog-o-sphere. I’m crystal clear that in WordPress you won’t get a chance to mess around the codes or HTML, unlike BlogSpot. WordPress made the blogging much easier as it before, you’ll able to complete any part of work if you assign that work to the best WordPress plugin. So many of the Pro-Bloggers choice will be the WordPress for their readers or any kind of startups.

You need to choose the right hosting, pick the perfect domain name for your site and finally install WordPress in your server. After that, you need to modify few things before you start writing in your site. Let me break these huge steps into small chunks and walk you through the complete process.

How to Choose Your BRAND DOMAIN Name?

Domain name for your WordPress blog plays a significant role in your online business. You need to choose the right domain according to your industry you belong to. Basically, I recommend you to choose the dot-com domains over country based extensions. The reason is, you are only supposed to rank high in the search engine for the country your domain extension belonging to it is better to go for global.

Suppose you are thought of creating a blog about Android phones, Android apps and other mobile phone related stuff, you need to have the primary targeted keyword in your root domain for better ranking ie. Android. Suppose if you want to register a domain in the android niche (Topic) you can check domain likeAndroid or DroidCorner similar domains.

Keep this points before you register your Domain name:

  • Make sure it is easily rememberable.
  • Keep the domain name small and sweet.
  • If you thought of creating a brand from scratch, you can go for as per your choice.
  • Don’t use two words successively in your domain name like Android dollars.
  • You can register domains only once until the site ruined, so make sure it is cool and remembered among your direct visitors.

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How to Choose RIGHT HOSTING Service for Your Website?

WebHosting is the most crucial thing that you need to have for your online success. If you’ve chosen the right hosting you’ll face no down time. So we’re going to choose the right hosting service providers for user convenience.

BluehostOne of the best yet reliable hosting company that what I recommend. Bluehost is the  most recommended hosting service provider which has huge servers across each corner of the world.

Reasons that pushes Bluehost in #1

  • Cheap WordPress hosting with just  3.95/month.
  • Domain name is free with an annual plan.
  • You’ll get free advertising credit with Bing and AdWords.
  • Most recommended hosting from the legends.
  • They’ll guarantee for 99.99% up time which they do well.
  • Bluehost is the most recommended hosting service from the WordPress Officially.
  • WordPress installation in Bluehost is really simple with only a few clicks.
  • What more needed for better hosting!

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How to Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost under 5 Minutes

Ok, this process should not take more than 5 minutes, so make sure you have an idea on what to choose your blog’s domain name and others.

  • Go to the Bluehost Sign Up page. Then  you need to scroll down and click on the “get started” the complete hosting solutions only $3.95/month. 
  • First of all Log In in your BlueHost Account.
  • Then click on the Hosting Tab at the top left corner of your dashboard.
  • Scroll down in the Website builder select the WordPress. In the next screen, you need to click on the “Install” button.
  • Next you’ll be prompted with another window, within which you need to choose the domain on for WordPress installation (Better go for non-WWW, because it doesn’t add any value. Shorter the URL better it is) then click on the Check domain.
  • Then click on “Show Advanced options”, enter your Site Title, Username and password as per your security need. Click on the Install Button
  • WordPress will be successfully installed in your servers.

Yep.You’ve successfully installed WordPress in your newly registered domain.


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