Download Hospital Patient Bill Management System Java Project

This project is aimed at developing a patient billing software system that is of importance to a hospital. The PBS is a local software system. This system can be used to maintain the bed number of each patient either in the ward or the ICU. Information about the patient and the charges to be paid is also stored.

NUMBER OF MODULES:The features of the system are the following:

4.Medicine Information
5.Patient Information



This module is having the facility of adding/deleting the branches details of the hospital. He maintains all the employee’s details. He also can view all the details of patients and billing generation regarding the patients. He maintains the records of doctor’s movement from one branch to another branch.


This module is dealing with the details of all patients details, their admit time and the amount to be paid based on the treatment given and the ward selected. We can also view the patient details like amount to be paid / any balance remaining, the ward number, the bed number, the registration number, case number etc. Keep a track of all beds occupied / free in both the ward and the ICU. Keep a track of all transfers of patients from the general ward to the ICU and vice versa.

Payment Module :

This module is dealing with the patient bill generation as well as payment through the credit card or cash.

Security and Authentication:

1. Login as Receptionist or administrator

2. Change password

3. Forgot Password


In this Module, Different actors can generate the different types of Reports according to their access.

Software Requirements :

Operating System                :           Windows XP/2003 or Linux

User Interface                      :               HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting           :               JavaScript

Programming Language     :               Java

Web Applications                 :               JDBC, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                   :               My Eclipse 6.0

Database                                 :               Oracle 10g

Server Deployment              :               Tomcat 5.x

Frame Work                          :               Struts 1.x

Download Hospital Patient Management Software


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