How to Connect Any Device Over Bluetooth in Windows 10

How to Connect Any Device Over Bluetooth in Windows 10

First off, your computer obviously needs to be Bluetooth enabled. If it’s not, an alternative is to install a third party USB Bluetooth Dongle. To find out if your computer has Bluetooth installed, press Windows key + X then click Device Manager. You should see Bluetooth listed in the device tree. Once you have confirmed Bluetooth is installed, you can begin connecting devices.
For the first example, I’m going to share files from my smartphone. Using Bluetooth is a lot easier than dealing with cables to connect your phone to your PC. On some phones, Bluetooth can be a real battery drain. Unless you need to use it all the time, I recommend leaving it turned off on your mobile device until you need it.
When you want to copy pictures or files over to your computer, the first thing you need to do is pair your phone with the computer.
To do that, enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. Turning it on varies between devices. Here I am using a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1. Bluetooth is typically in your device’s settings.
On your Windows 10 device PC, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth. When your device appears the Bluetooth window, click it then click Pair.
Click yes to confirm the passcode matches on both the phone and the computer.
Screenshot (22)
Wait a few seconds while both devices are paired.
Screenshot (25)

Sharing Files Over Bluetooth

Now that you have Bluetooth setup, the next task is to share files. Let’s try sharing files from our phone. Please note, the procedures will vary depending on the operating system. Select the files you want to share, then click the Share hub icon then click Bluetooth.
wp_ss_20160425_0004 wp_ss_20160425_0005
Choose the paired device you would like to share your files with and wait while the files are sent.
To send files from Windows 10, in the Bluetooth window, click Send or receive files via Bluetooth. Click Send files, select your Bluetooth enabled device then click Next.
Screenshot (26)
Browse to the files you want to share and on your phone select Accept.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth

If you experience trouble pairing devices, press Windows key + Q then type: devices and printers then hit Enter.
Click Add Device, select your Bluetooth enabled device then click Next. Once your device is paired, it will be displayed in the Devices and Printers window.
Screenshot (23)
Updating your phone firmware or computers chipset drivers can resolve issues with Bluetooth not working or pairing with devices, too.

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