How To Convert PDF To Word Document Online

To get started with the conversion process you just need to follow below mentioned simple 6 steps. 

Step 1 :- Open the PDF to word document converter. 
Look at the snap shot below about its look and feel. 

Step 2 :- Now click on “+Select files” button.
I personally found a flawless and effortless file conversion site. You can see the UI is pretty attractive and clean. The navigation is proper and you can stumble upon various categories very easily.
Now once you click on “+Select files” button, a popup window will be opened.

Step 3 :- Now select any pdf file you wanted to convert and click on open button.
It pretty easy. Now you just need to select any pdf file from the popup window which you wanted to convert.

Simple select the pdf file and click on open button.

Step 4 :– Select conversion mode.
Now you will get 3 best conversion modes.

  • Flowing
  • Exact
  • OCR

I generally go with Flowing as it works best for me. You can try all the modes. They are pretty decent and amazing.

Step 5 :– Click on Start button.
After selecting the mode. Simply click on start button to start the conversion process.

P.S you can also add files by clicking “+Add files” button.

Step 6 :– After couple of seconds, you will be given download button to download converted docx file.
Look at the snap shot below.
Simply click on download button. You will get converted word document file now.

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