How To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook Posts

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook PostsThis stage is very complex. So please read all steps one by one carefully. In this stage we will going to use autoliker.  From all 25 autolikers here we will use Hubliker. Hubliker is the best , easy , spam free and 100% working autoliker.
For getting likes on my pics or status I always use Hubliker. So lets start second stage.

  1.Open the Hubliker
  2.Click on the option ‘Use Hubliker Directly’
  3.Now you will see 4 steps. We will do all these steps one by one.

  • Click on the Fb setting. Here you have to change all your followers setting to Everyone 
  • Click on Connect with Fb. Then click on ok and then again click on ok button. Then click Get Token option
  • And it will open a new tab. You have to copy the URL of new tab.
  • Now paste your toke in the blank box and then click on submit button.

4.Now you will see home page of your hubliker account.
5.Then click on status option from the tab.
6. Now select your blank status
7.Then increase your like range from 20 to 140.
8.Then click on Autoliker option. 
Now you can see likes on your status.

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