How to hide Facebook friends list from public and other friends

Most folks don’t like to show their friends list to strangers and so they hide it just from public, but make it visible to their current friends. There are others who completely hide their friend list from both public and friends, making it only visible to their own. Also there are few who hide their friends list from both public and friends, but still making it visible to certain friends (close friends).
So why do people hide their friends list on Facebook? Each one of them will have different privacy concerns and reasons. Some hide it because they don’t like to explore the cool friends list that they have. Some hide it because they don’t like to show their friends list and other relationship circles to their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Some hide it because they have a worthy business contacts. All that depends upon people and their activities. Alright here comes the step by step information to hide your Facebook friends list.
Step 1: Go to, login to your account and open up your profile page.

How to hide Facebook friends list - How to hide mutual friends list in Facebook
Step 2: Now see whether your friends list is publicly available to everyone or only available to your friends. To do so, drop down the gear icon next to activity log and then click on view as (public and friends).
Hiding Facebook friends list from public, How to hide Facebook friends list
Step 3:  Next click on “friends” option which will open a page where you can see your entire friends list, recently added, followers and following.
Hiding mutual friends in Facebook, Hide Facebook Friends list
Step 4: Now at the corner, drop down the small pencil icon and then select edit privacy.
Hide Facebook friends list privacy settings, Hiding Friends list and numbers
Step 5: Now you will have privacy options for friend list, following and followers. Choose whether to show your friends list to friends, only me or custom option. In custom settings you will have more options, you can choose specific people, friends of friends and also you can hide your friends list to a group of peoples, making it visible only to certain friends. When you have edited your privacy settings click on save changes.
Facebook friends and mutual friends, Hide Facebook friends list to public
Now your Facebook friends list is completely hidden from public and other people based on your settings. But one thing that is still visible to your friends that is your mutual friends list. So what is that called, mutual friends list. Mutual friend’s mean friend in common that is you and your friend both have a friend in common. Mutual friends are not visible to public, but in still Facebook there is no option to hide mutual friends list from your friends.

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