How to Remove Locked Widget in Blogger

The very first thing you need to do is to find out the unique Widget ID of the widget you would like to remove, so go  Blogger >> Layout >>  Open the Widget which you want to remove.
Now a window will appear, in the address bar look for widgetid=. It would be towards the end of your widget address. For your help we have attached a screenshot below:

After finding the widgetid copy it in a notepad for further usage in the tutorial.

Now go to Template >> Edit HTML >> Jump to Widget and then select the ID of your widget (which you’ve coped in above step).

After that it will take you to the coding of your widget,then you need to make little changes in the coding of your widget as give below. To make it more straightforward, change Locked=’false’ to true. Refer the below screenshot for more clarity.

Now click on Save Template.

Now go to Layout and again open the locked widget, And you will be able to see the Remove button on the widget. Simply click on Remove button to remove the widget.

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