How to setup Google Analytics on wordpress

Sign up for Google Analytics account

Step 1: First all you need to do is go to Google Analytics and  sign up for a new account. You can sign up for an Analytics account using your existing Google account.
Analytics account sign up page
Step 2: After signing in you will be taken to next page where you have to setup your new account. Which one would you like to track? website or mobile, since this tutorial is for website choose website.
Setup Google Analytics for wordpress
Step 3: Next you have to setup your account and property by entering all the necessary fields. With single account you can manage multiple tracking ID’s that is you can track multiple sites that you own. So choose an account name, website name, website URL, Industry Category and reporting time zone. When everything is done click on get tracking ID at the bottom and then agree to Google analytics terms.
setup Google Analytics on wordpress
Your Google Analytics account is complete, now you will be provided with a Google Analytics tracking ID and tracking code. Just keep the page open because you have to add the tracking code into your website.
installing Analytics tracking code in wordpress

How to setup Google Analytics on wordpress without plugins

Installing Google Analytics on wordpress is very simple as it just takes a minute to accomplish. All you have to do is add the tracking code in to your wordpress theme, but note that Google Analytics can be installed only on self-hosted wordpress sites and not on sites. Follow these steps. Login to your wordpress site, go to appearance menu in dashboard and then select editor. Now towards your right hand side you will see the template files. Just open header.php file and then paste the tracking code just above the </head> tag, save the file and that’s it.
adding google analytics tracking code
You have installed Google Analytics on your wordpress site with no hassle. Now go to the Google Analytics tab that you have left open and check for the tracking status. Or in case if you have closed the window then open Google Analytics, click on admin at the top. Now under property settings choose tracking info and open tracking code. Now you should see a status like this which says Status: Receiving data. Just wait for 12 to 24 hours for Analytics to show your site tracking info

Installing Google Analytics on wordpress using plugin

The above mentioned is simple manual method that just tracks all your site pages, but with that you can’t obtain some powerful features. Google Analytics for wordpress plugin will let you to quickly and easily enable analytics on your site and moreover you can track outbound clicks and downloads. Also you can set custom variables for author, logged in users, single category, multiple category, tags etc. In case if you don’t like to track logged in users on your site then you can handle it using this plugin.

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