How to Use USB OTG in your Smartphone or Tablet PC

Of course, you cannot connect a USB device into the Micro-USB port — unless your Tablet PC has a real USB slot in it. In the other case, you have to purchase a USB On-The-Go cable. These cables will be available both in the electronic stores and online shopping sites. However, while buying you have to take care of some factors such as the length of cable. There are even some snug-fit adaptors, which can be used for connecting the USB device instantly.

By the way, some USB OTG pen drives are also available in stores. These pen drives have two sides. You can transfer data from your PC using the common USB side and then access the same in your Smartphone using micro USB end.

It doesn’t matter which device you are buying. You have to connect it to the micro USB port. In some devices, you’ll have to go to Settings à Storage and click on ‘Mount USB On-The-Go Storage’. In a few seconds, the storage will be mounted and the content will be available in your device.

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