How to Install Custom Recovery for Android Using TWRP App

1.Install the Official TWRP App

First up, you’ll need to install the app that will help you install TWRP on your phone. It’s the official TWRP app from Team Win, and you can grab it for free from the Google Play Store.

2.Grant Permissions

Next, open the TWRP app, then you’ll be asked to accept the terms of service, so tick all three check boxes, then press “OK.” From there, the TWRP app will ask for root access, so press “Grant” on the Superuser popup.

3.Back Up Your Existing Recovery

In the future, if you want to accept OTA updates or revert to stock, the best way to do this would be to create a backup of your existing recovery image before you flash TWRP. To do that, tap “Backup Existing Recovery” in the TWRP app’s main menu, then select “Backup Recovery” and press “Okay.”

This process will take a minute or two, but when it’s done, a copy of your existing recovery image will be saved on your SD card or internal storage partition. Keep track of this file, and if you need to remove TWRP in the future, you can restore this using the TWRP app’s “TWRP Flash” function.

4.Download the TWRP Image for Your Device

Now it’s time to download TWRP itself. To do that, press “TWRP Flash” on the TWRP app’s main menu, then tap “Select Device” on the following screen. From there, choose your model from the list.

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose a TWRP version to download. We recommend going with the latest version, which will be first in the list. Once you’ve selected a version, you’ll be taken to a download page in your browser. Tap the main download link towards the top of the page, and when that’s finished, press your back button to head back to the TWRP app.

5.Install TWRP

Next, from the TWRP Flash menu, tap “Select a file to flash.” From there, use the menu that appears to navigate to your device’s download folder, then select the TWRP IMG file and tap the “Select” button.

At this point, you’re ready to install TWRP. So tap “Flash to Recovery” at the bottom of the screen, then press “Okay” on the prompt. It’ll take roughly 30 seconds to complete, and when it’s done, you’ll see a message confirming that TWRP was installed.

6.Make TWRP Your Permanent Recovery

Finally, you’ll need to make TWRP your permanent recovery, otherwise Android may overwrite it with the stock recovery image the next time you reboot. To do this, start by selecting “Reboot” from the TWRP app’s side navigation menu, then press “Reboot Recovery” on the following screen. When TWRP boots up, you’ll be prompted to make it your permanent recovery, so swipe the slider that says “Swipe to Allow Modifications” and you’ll be all set!

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