iOS 10 Update Best New Features For iPhone 7 Hands On The First Beta Of iOS 10 On June 13th

WWDC is now confirmed to take place on June 13 through June 17 in San Francisco. That means we now only have a couple of months to wait before Apple takes the wraps of iOS 10. Last year’s conference saw the release of Apple Music alongside a bunch of other software-based initiatives, and we expect to see a whole load more at 2016’s.

The BIG keynote, the one everybody tunes in for, takes place on the first day. So, June 13. Here Apple will detail its plans for the rest of the year, recount its ups and downs, and introduce new software for its iPhone/iPad and Mac computers. iOS 10 will likely take centre stage, though, and with the release of the iPhone 7 just around the corner from June, we’ll likely get a better idea about potential new features coming to iPhone and iPad in late-2016.
Apple’s iOS 10 is already showing up in Google Analytics data for various websites, meaning people inside Cupertino are using it on their devices to browse the web. Right now it’s still way too early to tell what iOS 10 may feature, but that isn’t stopping us from putting together our first iOS 10 wishlist.
News about certain improvements to certain apps is begining to trickle through as well. Apparently Photos is getting a big overhaul. 
“The apps will reportedly be updated with new features to put them on par with the now-discontinued iPhoto 9.6.1 for Mac and iPhoto 2.0.1 for iOS,” notes Mac Rumors. “It is not clear exactly what features will be added to the apps, but Mac Otakara says Photo 2.0.1 included tools for editing EXIF information and touch-based brushes for adjusting brightness and other parameters on only specific parts of a photo. Similar editing tools could be added to the iOS version of Photos.”
What Apple does next with its software is always a big deal for iPhone fans and the mobile space at large. Over the years, Apple’s iOS software has dipped in and out of being innovative. The last major overhaul was iOS 7, which saw a complete design re-fresh, and since then Apple has slowly gone about adding in new features and attributes to make its software simple, useful and indispensable to the millions of people that use it day in, day out.

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