Netflix Launches Download Speed Test on from Netflix

Just open a browser on your PC or mobile device and head to and that’s it. There is no need to click a start button or select different locations. Just go to the URL and you’ll see your download speed in a second.

Fast by Netflix

It calculates the result by performing a series of small downloads from Netflix servers. It also provides a link so you can get a second opinion from

This tool isn’t anything that’s in-depth. For instance, it doesn’t check latency, jitter, or provide other diagnostic info. It’s nice that Netflix is offering this as a quick tool to use if you experience streaming quality or buffering issues while watching a movie or TV show.

The site’s FAQ states that if you aren’t getting the speed, you’re paying for, then you can contact your ISP about the results.

In fact, you should be running speed tests periodically. Your ISP will often upgrade the modem model it’s putting in its customer’s homes. If you have an older model, you might need the new one.

A couple of months ago I ran a test, and because it was slower than what I pay for, I called my ISP, and I ended up with a new modem. After that, my speeds much closer to what I’m paying for.


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