How To Play Pokemon Go On Your Computer

Pokemon Go has earned its place as one of the most viral mobile applications of all time. It has already surpassed Tinder and Twitter in terms of downloads and daily users. According to the latest data, people are spending more time playing Pokemon Go as compared to Facebook.logo (1)

This location-based augmented reality game is being played by millions of people all across America. Nintendo is working to expand its availability in other regions and bring along more people to this Pokemon-party.

Use a GPS spoofing app to play Pokemon Go on PC

You need to fake your GPS location with the help of a GPS spoofing application. A YouTuber named Travis D has done the same by installing the GPS spoofing application on his rooted device. Doing this, you can play Pokemon Go from your desk, without any need to step outside. This little hack also saves the effort of walking around.

Travis D has even created a detailed guide that shows how to play Pokemon Go on your computer using BlueStacks.

Playing Pokemon Go on PC kills all the appeal and immersive feeling brought along by all the walking around.

Apart from this tricks, other players are slowly coming up with their own cheats to hatch the eggs quicker. It turns out that attaching the smartphone to some device like the ceiling fans, turntables, wheels etc. makes the avatar walk around faster.

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