How To Repair Bad Sector Pendrive using CMD in Windows

Bad sectors are an inevitable part of our digital life. Many of us have become used to this kind of glitches that arise every now and then. But, for the novice users, seeing alert messages of disk errors after connecting a pen drive would lead to a situation of panic. Our pen drives and hard drives store a small amount of data in various sectors. There are times when some of these sectors become unusable. Such sectors are known as bad sectors.

Check Disk is used to perform an error check operation on your connected storage media. To open CMD in administrator mode, Right Click on the Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin).

Use the following command to simply check if any errors exist on your storage media:

chkdsk C:

Here, C is the drive letter assigned to your storage media. You need to write the appropriate drive letter assigned to your pen drive (for example, it’s F in my case). Open My Computer/This PC to see the correct drive letter.


To fix the errors present on the disk, type:

chkdsk /f C:


To find and remove bad sectors:

chkdsk /f /R C:

chkdsk progress


This Check disk utility will now repair any soft bad sector present on your pen drive. Restart your computer after the repair process completes.

Here is a complete list of all the chkdsk options provided by Microsoft.

The above methods will also work for internal drives, SD cards or MicroSD cards (connected using an adapter), and external hard drives.

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