How to Stop Tracking your own Pageviews in Blogger

As a website owner, you might visit your site more often may be 10 to 20 times a day and during the visit you might serve hundreds of pageviews yourself. Since, Blogger keeps track of all visitors it would also include your views in the traffic statistics. For that reason, you will be unable to know the real performance of your site. For instance, your site has 6000 views per day out of which 2000 views are yours, so the real visitors are just 4000. Now you can notice the foremost difference in your real traffic.
The First thing you need to do is to Login into your Blogger account. After logging in, from the dashboard go to your site >> Stats >> Overview. Now on the right side of your screen, just under the page views statistics select the “Don’t track your own pageviews” link and proceed to the next step.
A new window will pop out asking you whether you want to track your own pageviews or not. Now just check the box next to the “Don’t track your own pageviews” and press the save button to finish the whole process. At this instant, Blogger would stop tracking your own views until or unless you clear your browser cookies or tried to access your site with different browsers.
We hope this tip would help you in getting rid of your views from your site.

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