How To Submit and Verify Your Website in Alexa?

Alexa is a search engine currently owned by It ranks your website considering the number of visitors and other elements in your website. An Alexa ranking is important for your website since it helps you to come first in search results and give good responses from SEOs.
So, In order to claim your website,seo-3
First go to and create a free account.
Then go to the free website claim page and type in your website’s name.
After that you will see a page like this.
In this page you can follow three methods to claim your site.
Well the third method is for paid users only. so let’s forget it
If you select the first method, you will have to download the file provided by them and upload it to your root directory of the website using FTP.
If you opt for method two, you will see a page like this one.
Copy the meta tag ( the circled one ) and paste it in the head section of your website, save the file, and click on “verify my id”!! your website is claimed.
Now if your site is a WordPress website, I will give further more steps. Copy the meta tag from method 2 ( the circled one).
Then go to your WordPress website’s dashboard. In the appearance section you will see an option “editor”.
Click it. In the new page scroll down until you see  “header.php”. Click on it.
You will be guided to the editor page for the header.php file.
Now copy and paste the code from method 2 here(the circled part). ie, inside the <head> part.
Now click update under the editing box.
Now click “verify my id ” in the Alexa page. N if everything is alright you will see a green tick saying that “your website is successfully claimed”.

You have successfully claimed your website in Alexa.

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