Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Headset With New, Softer Fabric Casing Launched

Xiaomi has unveiled its newest VR headset in China – the Mi VR Play 2. The successor of the Mi VR Play comes with a new softer fabric for extra comfort, and will available in the country from April 19. The wearable headset is quite affordable with a price tag of CNY 99 (roughly Rs. 900).

Xiaomi has focused on comfort for the Mi VR Play 2 and has used a new cloth-like material to design the headset. This is intended to make the Mi VR Play 2 more comfortable to wear during extended usage. The Mi VR Play 2 is also said to be lighter than its predecessor, and Xiaomi has also placed “invisible” holes in the VR headset for better cooling. Xiaomi also says that the Mi VR Play 2 will be easier to place your smartphones into. Xiaomi calls the Mi VR Play 2 a ‘toy’, which seems appropriate since Xiaomi yet again offers an affordable VR headset for VR content and apps and 360-degree videos.

In terms of design, the Mi VR Play 2 has had a change as it now has rounded edges in contrast to its predecessor which has a rectangular shape. There is a button placed on top of the headset which would essentially be for navigation and a band is attached to the headset as well. The Mi VR Play 2 is available in black color currently, and other color options have not been mentioned yet. Xiaomi last year introduced the Mi VR Play in four different designs like floral, denim and even animal print. It remains to be seen if Xiaomi would be offering such designs for the Mi VR Play 2 as well.

There is no word on whether Xiaomi would be launching the Mi VR Play 2 globally, but seeing how the predecessor landed in India just three months after the launch, there could be a high possibility for this version as well.

Xiaomi’s first VR headset, the Mi VR Play was unveiled in August last year, and was made using materials like Spandex and Lycra. The headset includes a zipper in front to hold the smartphone in place. The Mi VR Play features dimensions of 201x107x91mm, and can accommodate any smartphone with screen sizes between 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch. The Mi VR Play features two anti-glare lenses, and a button at the top for navigation.

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