Xiaomi Smartphone Exchange Offer Comes Online via Mi.com

Xiaomi’s Mi Exchange scheme has now been expanded to Mi.com. The Mi Exchange scheme was introduced in November last year. The trade-in offer allows users to exchange their old smartphones for a new Redmi or Mi phone. Xiaomi has launched this Mi Exchange scheme in partnership with Cashify and was limited to Mi Home Stores till now. The company says it will offer the ‘best exchange’ value for the user’s device, though it needs to be in a working condition with no physical damage.

Those exchanging their old smartphone online will be issued an exchange value coupon, which will be credited to the user’s Mi account. The coupon amount can then be used against the price of the smartphone which the user plans to purchase from Mi.com. Xiaomi’s exchange value coupon will be valid for 14 days. Do note that this coupon issued under Mi exchange can only be used to purchase a new smartphone and not other devices or accessories.

Xiaomi’s exchange value coupon can be used during checkout, after placing an order for a new smartphone. The old device has to be handed over in exchange for the new Redmi or Mi smartphone at the time of delivery to the company’s executive. Users will need to disable all the screen locks on their old smartphone, unlock accounts and remove any memory card when handing this over during exchange. Only one device at a time will be eligible for exchange.

People who wish to exchange their old smartphone under the Mi Exchange offer will have to provide the IMEI number of the device. Xiaomi is not accepting all smartphone models under the exchange offer, but only the ones mentioned on the list.

Xiaomi says it take into account the condition of the device and the current market price to calculate the best exchange value, though the service is powered by Cashify. Once the user accepts the exchange value offered by Xiaomi, their Mi account will be credited with the exchange value coupon, instantly.

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